Creative is what I am, always imaging what could be and when it comes to be, very excited at the finished product. Nothing is truly impossible and when working with a team of people that also believe in what one dreams, then the possibilities are endless.

I enjoy learning what is new or what is around the next corner and how can I design and create for that. But at the same time I believe that there are fundamentals of design and creating that never change, only the tools change. From taking art classes in school and learning the basics to putting them to use in nearly every job I've ever had, I have been lucky to been able to have my designs viewed by so many. From the creating a simple logo for the t-shirt shop I worked for, to designing t-shirt designs, window displays and advertising all by hand. To putting together special promotional events for TV and the community letting people know of bicycle safety and hosting an annual Halloween night event with the likes of Barbie, Tiny Toons and Spiderman while part of the team at Toys R Us. Personal interests in music, spending time at Disneyland, seeing where the road in the mountains might lead and spending time with friends and family, this all combines to make me just me.

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